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I finally have a better idea what to put on an .

I'm very avidly into , enjoy and generally being . I love and . Also big into of all of the above.

I generally enjoy the aesthetics of casinos/gambling and especially jesters.

I'm still exploring who I am, but I'm and and that is leading me into realizing that my options should be more open.

Nothing is more important to me than my friends.

Response to the ever deteriorating state of civil rights in America. 

Facilitate resistance where possible. Fleeing the country isn't tenable for any but the most privileged. We have to fight this here and now. The state will not help us. Get prepared to break the law.

Seriously consider where your community will come down on this. Start that dialog now if you have not. It is vital to create geographic communities of solidarity from which we can resist the force of casual violence and discrimination. Fascism is at the door and we have to organize meaningful resistance now.

Zero patience for people trying to keep their Discord servers apolitical today. Absolutely not. Fucking emergency level situation going on and people are like "no politics please uwu"

Aaaa, very excited for the new The Black Angels album on Sept 16th. Wonder how many times I'm gonna loop the single before I have to do something else.

Literally just got told that to a major corporation a "minor profit" is just as bad to them as a major loss.

I'm astounded at that line of logic.

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I need to figure out an alternative way to reach people to explain that memeing for corporations only serves the corporation. There is no way to "get back at them" by causing them to lose money through generating any word of mouth for them.

Happy resist the normative forces of identity commodification month! Stonewall was a riot! <3

Asking for money, boosts appreciated 

I hate having to bother people for help, but I don't really have any other recourse.

If you wanna donate while I'm streaming, you can here:

If you wanna donate directly to my paypal, it's

So, why do I need money this time?

My car broke down at the store and I have no idea why or what the cause is.

I walked 3 miles hoping that it was just the AC being out was making the engine overheat again (it's hot ouside) and after that not being the case, we called a lift to get home.

I have no idea how much money it'll cost to get my car towed and to a shop, as well as how much it'll cost to get it fixed.

I'm scared, and tired, and stressed, and I'm just, not going to hesitate to ask for help.

'm unemployed so being able to not drive isn't a huge deal, but it'll certainly prevent me from being able to find work.

Any little bit helps, and boots and such help too. Thank you ;.;

Open source is digital mutual aid, and I don't really know why so many people miss that

It is important to build one's own self-esteem in a way that reinforces itself internally. Relying on outside validation is a recipe for disaster.

In relation to this, this song came up on my recommendations today and I enjoyed it since the whole concept of "embracing what I see as a monstrous part of myself" was a key factor.

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On top of that, I got an early, very basic draft of a design document done today for a game I would really like to make. Provided I don't lose my drive too much I'm gonna get started on making some basic assets. I would say I plan to try and see if I can't get some basic implementation done, but I really don't know how much I'm going to be able to do and I don't want to set my goals too high.

Writing the design doc was the main goal. So anything beyond that is still more than expected~

A friend helped me figure out a way to deal with a lot of my negative aspects in a way that both helps me cope when situations are outside my control, and helps me embrace the areas about me that are "bad" and make them seem "good" so that I can stop thinking of myself as broken. It's working so far, and I just hope that I can keep it up!

My album pick ups for
I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler by YACHT,
SELF-iSH by Will Wood and the Tape Worms,
Futha by Heilung

stanley comes out to the narrator as gay and the narrator says "in the story I had planned out, the penis was supposed to go inside the vagina for the purposes of procreation. That said, I'm intrigued to see your vision for the story, Stanley, take us in a bold new direction!"

Seeing the Fediverse share what all they're picking up for is making me realize a lot of bands I thought were bigger are actually quite indie.

Having a minor breakthrough in realizing that individuals that disregard or misunderstand Death of the Author do so because it intrinsically ties to copyright. If that which is created gets converted, passed on, and interpreted by others in any endless amounts of ways, then copyright cannot exist in any manner that makes sense.

It's also like activating my rebellious response, making me go "I should use even fewer of these profit driven platforms." I just also know that that's going to likely end up causing me to withdraw from friend groups and leave me relatively alone, and considering I'm still kind of struggling with a depressive funk, that's probably not for the best!

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It's honestly kind of exhausting watching as there's suddenly a large influx of people making fun of Linux and Mastodon.

I understand why it occurs, but I still feel like it's partially my own due diligence to inform that perhaps they should consider that they're still remaining slaves to profit-motive models if they're deciding to kick the free as in freedom options to the curb.

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