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I finally have a better idea what to put on an .

I'm very avidly into , enjoy and generally being . I love and . Also big into of all of the above.

I generally enjoy the aesthetics of casinos/gambling and especially jesters.

I'm still exploring who I am, but I'm and and that is leading me into realizing that my options should be more open.

Nothing is more important to me than my friends.

My area's looking at potentially needing to evacuate soon. Guess I'm gonna need to pack an emergency boogie bag. :/

if nietzsche's fursona was a goat it would be named friedrich bleatsche

block rec, homophobia 

y'all you might want to SUPER block; the first point in their about page is "No LGBTQ" and it only gets worse from there. #fediblock

Also if you're someone that isn't directly affected by race (read: you're white) and you're getting upset at other people talking about racial issues, you need to take a good long look at why those discussions are making you feel uncomfortable.

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Okay but let's be as quick and as comprehensive about driving racists away as we are transphobes.

The intersection of gender and linguistics is Mastodon's wheelhouse but we can make sure our skills are as sharp when it comes to identifying other red flags and making ourselves very fucking clear about how unwelcome such things are here too.

POC - especially WOC and I see this happen a lot to Black and Indigenous women in particular - get told off for being "too political" just for talking about _the reality of their lives_. And now you want us to put such talk behind a content warning like it's a trigger? Do you know how often us talking about race gets fought back by White people as "omg you talking about racism is too triggering" as though racism doesn't affect OUR mental health? What's the cultural expectation here, geez!

Very Anarchist Mitten Voice:
The moment you stop questioning the status quo is the moment you start being the establishment. Unjustified hierarchies are in every aspect of culture and an unwillingness to integrate that is just not very cash money.

trans identity questions, boosts ok 

(This is for a friend still too shy to openly ask these questions)

For all #trans folks, but especially those AMAB (assigned male at birth), enbies also welcome:

How was your "inner" transition, from believing in being "he/him" to "she/her" or "they/them"? Did you always knew?

When did you start feeling comfortable being called a "her", even in private? Was it gradual? Did you feel ashamed or even uncomfortable at times? Was it a zig zag thing, one day yes, the next no? Was there an "eureka" moment?

For those who did NOT experience dysphoria: Did you question whether you were actually trans? Did you think you were just confused or fooling yourselves? Did you feel like not belonging to the trans community because you were still cis?

Was/is any of you still uncomfortable wearing dresses despite having an ideal female identity?
Do any of you still identify as their original gender despite transitioning?

Long explanations and stories welcome.

I think people need to stop policing other people's CW usage or lack thereof. Some issues need more immediate visibility and at some point you need to be able to curate your own feed.

Blocking and muting is just as valid of features as CW tags are, and it is important to realize that you're not silencing them by using them.

You are however making attempts to silence them by telling other people to use CW tags.

CW meta >.> <.< 

Culturally enforced CWs are a universalization of bourgeois values and ultimately harmful to the voices they marginalize. If you are a marginalized voice, consider not using CWs when discussing your perspective.

This isn't carte blanche to be an asshole but it is a real problem that needs to be addressed with the culture we are cultivating. Existence is political. Our Social media should cultivate cultural medicine, not just escape.

I am a mitt.
I post on main.
I did enjoy.
Serial Lain.
And now I dork
Within the Wire.
Hoping that love
I do inspire.
Because I'm lame :D

*looks outside*
*scribbles franticly on the TL*
"I don't know who you are. Please believe. There is no way I can convince you that this is not one of their tricks. But I don't care. I am me, and I don't know who you are, but I love you..."

RT @nycantifa
Since "self defense" is trending, remember:

anti-fascism is self-defense

Sarcastic venting 

Sure is fun when a place you used to moderate for has a problem you identified, and in trying to address it, you get convinced that there's no solving it and resign, and the problem persists endlessly!

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