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I finally have a better idea what to put on an .

I'm very avidly into , enjoy and generally being . I love and . Also big into of all of the above.

I generally enjoy the aesthetics of casinos/gambling and especially jesters.

I'm still exploring who I am, but I'm and and that is leading me into realizing that my options should be more open.

Nothing is more important to me than my friends.

General reminder that today is the fake labor day selected to placate the masses. Labor day is worthwhile to celebrate, but this fake labor day, I encourage everyone to learn about the actual labor day, May 1st, and the Haymarket affair that brought it about.


I go through my days pretending like I'm okay. Then every so often I get very harsh reminders of how much I'm still hurting from past traumas.

Multiple people in the past that each broke my heart in different ways. Things I may have contributed to, I don't know.

I may have woken up after more than a decade of being on autopilot waiting for death to take me, but I still am just a walking corpse struggling to keep my heart beating from all the heartache.

The universe is chaos, be kind.

With the current popular messenger starting to show the telltale signs of corporate decay, I'm very much hoping to get people onboarded onto Matrix sooner rather than later.

Stream Link, FFXIV 

Doing FFXIV raids with my static. We're trying to get a clear on P2S.

Guilty Gear Strive 

Sometimes you just gotta go for a casual walk instead of fighting.

Guilty Gear Strive 

trans folks share one braincell

There's something very delightful about the Bob's Burgers movie. I think a lot of it is just all the little extra animation flourishes they poured into it because of being on a film budget. It's just a joy to watch.

Ocasionally I get very upset that I am forced to be on Discord to meaningfully participate in my communities.

Anyone out there on the fediverse know any good spaces for meeting other trans folks? Asking for a friend.

Boosts welcome.

The universe is not transactional. You do not need to "earn" or "be worthy" of love and respect.

please stop making fun of:
- people's faces or facial expressions
- people's educations
- people's "intelligence"
- people's speech
- people's bodies or body parts

even if the person you're making fun of is a bad person, you no doubt have friends or will have friends for whom those things are true, and who are worried you think the same things about you.

want to make fun of a lib or a fascist? try this instead:
- make fun of them for being a lib or fascist
- highlight ways they obviously don't believe their own ideology
- throw a dairy-free milkshake on them

General griping about feeling outcast 

I hate feeling like an outsider, I hate being made to feel like an outsider by a community that I thought I generally got along with. I hate that my values and opinions seem to do nothing more than ostracize me when I voice them. I am glad for communities where my opinions don't routinely cause me to get shunned or spoken down to. But I don't like that I'm apparently finding myself more and more unwelcome in various places.

Response to the ever deteriorating state of civil rights in America. 

Facilitate resistance where possible. Fleeing the country isn't tenable for any but the most privileged. We have to fight this here and now. The state will not help us. Get prepared to break the law.

Seriously consider where your community will come down on this. Start that dialog now if you have not. It is vital to create geographic communities of solidarity from which we can resist the force of casual violence and discrimination. Fascism is at the door and we have to organize meaningful resistance now.

Zero patience for people trying to keep their Discord servers apolitical today. Absolutely not. Fucking emergency level situation going on and people are like "no politics please uwu"

Aaaa, very excited for the new The Black Angels album on Sept 16th. Wonder how many times I'm gonna loop the single before I have to do something else.

Literally just got told that to a major corporation a "minor profit" is just as bad to them as a major loss.

I'm astounded at that line of logic.

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I need to figure out an alternative way to reach people to explain that memeing for corporations only serves the corporation. There is no way to "get back at them" by causing them to lose money through generating any word of mouth for them.

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