More gender stuff, birdsite mention (~?), US Pol 

So, while I greatly prefer Mastodon and still do a majority of posting here, I have been returning to Twitter to monitor and boost posts about the recent civil unrest, just because it's a convenient place to do so.

I follow a few trans people on there, and they boost other trans people taking selfies. One of which was of someone with their new boobs. It was incredibly heartwarming and I started feeling sad 'cause I realized I want those.

More gender stuff, birdsite mention (~?), US Pol 

Also seeing that there was someone on there that is both trans and genderfluid made me feel a little less... odd about that whole situation.

So, I'm like... I guess 90% sure now that I'm probably trans? Probably undershooting it because I still don't want to admit it, though.

Also last time I tried to admit it to extremely supportive people I had a panic attack so... still trying to figure out what THAT means.

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More gender stuff, birdsite mention (~?), US Pol 

Honestly I think part of what makes this so hard is the gender fluidity. Sometimes this becomes super important to me, and other times when I'm feeling more "masc" it just doesn't matter. Do I start to transition just to make part of me more happy?

Can trans women do chest bindings?

Also feel that due to my height I'd be pressured into going for like a butch muscled look as a trans woman and just... what even.

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