Having a minor breakthrough in realizing that individuals that disregard or misunderstand Death of the Author do so because it intrinsically ties to copyright. If that which is created gets converted, passed on, and interpreted by others in any endless amounts of ways, then copyright cannot exist in any manner that makes sense.

@Happenstance I don’t think this is necessarily true? Death if the Author and copyright can exist simultaneously, since how we experience and interpret a piece of art doesn’t require making a copyright able copy of it.

The art can still influence the audience in ways that inspire other, even derivative works, but I wouldn’t consider that necessarily Death of the Author-y? Like, I wouldn’t consider 50 Shades to be a reimagining/remake/copy of Twilight.

@sashahamilton What about fan works? When people literally take the same characters and create situations with them. 'cause like that's how 50 Shades started, but they had to change it to make it a "commercial release" because of copyright. But that doesn't really change that in some individual's memories it's still Twilight.

Besides it's not like copyright is a good system. It only exists to ensure a creator (and the company that "blessed them with their providence") can make money off it.

@Happenstance I guess I'm not sure I understand?

I think the refusal of DotA comes more from a ... sort of like, belief in capital-O Ownership of the work, by the author. Like, what the author Intended and Meant is the be-all end-all for interpreting that work. But in cases like 50 Shades / Twilight, even if the former wasn't changed to be different enough, .... the vibes I get would be that they would try to divine EL James' intentions of writing that specific book, rather than Meyer's intentions of writing Twilight, even though in that case it'd be Meyer who had copyright claims to 50 Shades.

Even if you abolished copyright law entirely, there could (and would) still be the DotA-disregarders who think that the art is intrinsically linked to its author, who is the sole arbiter of the meaning of it.

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