I need to figure out an alternative way to reach people to explain that memeing for corporations only serves the corporation. There is no way to "get back at them" by causing them to lose money through generating any word of mouth for them.

Literally just got told that to a major corporation a "minor profit" is just as bad to them as a major loss.

I'm astounded at that line of logic.

@Happenstance The Staples I worked at was one of the better performing ones.

It was closed because it wasn't turning -enough- of a profit. They closed multiple profitable stores for the same reason.

@kathan That's different, that's a cost saving measure. If the store isn't profitable enough, cutting it cuts the expenses of keeping it open as well. Re-releasing a movie to judge interest in the property or potentially a sequel doesn't factor in the same way if they make profit and verify that interest isn't there.

@Mek101 I think the adage of "no publicity is bad publicity" should be kept in mind. Doesn't matter how much you're memeing something or someone, you're still giving them mind share.

Our admin guided us to not even use the term "BigTech" as that is also their term. We have since used #dotCons, and we also think its more accurate.

We also use (#)CAGEFAM when we want to express to people that their is an easy acronym to remember that lists #GAFAM, c'flare and #memecoiner/turdSiteBuyer.

When we must we also make sure to deface their name when #hashtagging, ie. #amAZON, #goOGlE (the 'L' is lower case) + oft use degoratory names in prose (Scamazon, Fakebook etc).

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