I love how Beau talks about things, it's great to take things people are familiar with that are common place, and then twist it just enough to give a deeper understanding of what's actually at play.


Pandemic, quarantine, and the psyche 

I have trouble imagining any sort of world where I'm doing something that doesn't require the internet to just engage with my friends, my life-lines. I cannot expect to appreciate when things do "return to normal" and socializing in the real world becomes the norm again.
I am some strange amalgam of a person that simultaneously exists and does not exist, for my only connection is digital, and I have accepted this as expected. I cannot imagine anything but this

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Pandemic, quarantine, and the psyche 

I don't... have any expectations for the future, like... at all. Any time I try to put forth even a tiny plan to have things together for little online get togethers it never seems to work out quite as I had in mind, or it completely falls through and it's just not something I enjoy doing.
On top of that any sort of plan for the future in real life is... basically filed away in my brain in the category of like "day dreams" like it'll never happen it's not real

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Pandemic, quarantine, and the psyche 

For the life of me I could not understand why this was happening. Why were other people not so easily adapting to this as I was, and while this was a question in the back of my mind it was never really coming upon an answer. Until it suddenly hit me while discussing an entirely unrelated topic with a friend (as it so often does)

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Pandemic, quarantine, and the psyche 

Been having a relatively easy time with the quarantine, in fact, for the most part I find it somewhat preferable for selfish reasons. My friends are more readily available at pretty much all hours of the day, and that's been doing wonders for the typical loneliness I experienced when everyone was gone at work and I had to entertain myself until people got home like a sad pet. However, I know this is not the norm and many others are suffering much more.

I'm very happy this was covered. It certainly felt like this needed to be stated. This is also one of my problems that I've always had with the activity of 'shipping', it puts way too much emphasis on romantic relationships and doesn't simply allow friends to be friends. Friends are important and invaluable in any one person's life, and because of that, they can also be extremely toxic and damaging and need to be treated with more care and respect.


CW: You are more than your income. This is not your fault. 

Don't be too hard on yourself if things aren't working out. We have the worst president in memory, during a pandemic that's killed 160k+ Americans, and the people in charge are not providing any help or relief. The government is the failure here, not you.

You are more than your income.

Don't shoulder the blame and damage your self worth because the system is rigged and isn't working. SCREW THAT. You are not a failure. You. Are. Not.

We're all struggling together! Going to work and catching Covid could possibly kill you or the people you care about. This is not on you! You should not have to struggle or even worry about finding work during this time. It's irresponsible of those in charge to expect it.

You are not worthless.

Though we were pretty slow XD
And messed around at spawn for awhile.

pol, mini-rant about trying to communicate with other people 

Hilarious thing is they did later accurately say that he's a democratic socialist. THEN SAY THAT! That's not the same thing as a liberal!

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pol, mini-rant about trying to communicate with other people 

Sure is fun to be accused of gatekeeping because I said Bernie Sanders is not a liberal! Then further tried to explain that there's some pretty woefully inadequate usage of political terminology in the United States.

FFXIV Spoiler, Looking for Song Name 

@kathan That's "Who Brings Shadow"

Vore day (-) 

I'm starting a petition to reschedule vore day to not summer 'cause I am miserable right now, and not having fun!

8/8, vore day 

I am seriously so ravenous today that I want to eat everyone I know (who is into being eaten) right now.

Did you know? Video games are only good if you press the most amount of buttons in a specific sequence!

(This is bitter sarcasm)

@Irick That's fair, I also have to assume that they get more benefit out of an equalizer, since that's part of mixing, which you'd be doing in the studio anyway.

@Irick Ahh, one of the things I like to look for in headphones is making sure they have good bass, because a lot of them really suffer in that regard. I love to hear the thumping and pounding~ ;D

@Irick Do they work well for any sort of like noise-cancelling? I assume so since you said you like them for the isolation. Feel like that could be useful at times for me, they're pricey though!

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