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So, @Happenstance showed me this image of a gollum with fixed teeth in a dentist office and i'm like "that just looks like faceapp with a painter filter" and then I actually messed around with gollum in faceapp and what have I done.

I don't know if game industry workers realize what kind of leverage they even have if they form a union. While not totally un-scab-able, there are always peculiarities to any code base or artistic workflow. It would take a good week before scabs would even be able to make any discernible progress and management would get cold feet real fast.

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If a dream is what gets us to understand and come to terms with something and affects change in our lives, is that perceptual memory any less real than our lived experience?

Obduction FREE right now on GoG for the next 3 days. Check it out & grab it!

It bothers me to an intense degree that the discourse surrounding Death Stranding at the moment is largely centered around "What is the game?"

That's a question that the only proper response is mu. I feel too frequently people get hung up on mechanics and desired play style to allow for proper adaptation and innovation in the space.

I have my own criticisms about Kojima, but he made a point of stating that the term "stealth game" didn't exist prior to Metal Gear on the MSX paving the way.

Played space engineers with friends a bit lately and we went from the moon to mars! This game is so pretty ;.;


Do your best today. ❤️

But take some time for yourself, too. Self care is important.

I'm gonna play space engineers for a little bit!

> hours later

Oh whoops time vanished.

Hello BLFC folks <3

For those of you looking to find me at the con please don't hesitate to poke me @Draekos on telegram or find me at my table in the Bazaar!


Hey, all! So, I'm once again based in Anchorage, where I have my yarn and needles. I'm gonna start knitting again! Specifically LGBT+ scarves. They'll be about 6.5 feet long (shorter or longer on request, but I'll be a stickler about having an integer mumber of flag iterations). They're double thick tubes and very warm.

I currently have in-stock only the #asexual colors, but I can get more yarn as needed.

Each scarf takes about 23 hours to make, and consumes a considerable amount of yarn. I don't know how much I should sell them for just yet.

"Live a life without regret" has become a two-fold assault to some of my mental hang-ups.

Firstly it means that I should spend less time hesitating when there are things that I want to do. Only so much time in a day, should seize the opportunity and so forth.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, it also means that I spend less time focusing on things that I feel that I messed up in the past or could have handled better; not to dwell on the past.


It's very discouraging that some people are just so set in being het.

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