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Recovered data fragment from unknown civilization
(Galactic Date: P5024-k)

another scrapped vn character design. this was for a separate project, a more spacey sci-fi concept this time.

continuing to dump more old vn sprites. the shirt logo was a placeholder but i'm too lazy to change it.

i made an oc based off of ticks. shes small and hates everyone

flagrant self-regard 

there are so many insanely good artists on here. i'm hopelessly outmatched.

hey, quick life tip for you:

🚫 gaps!!!
🚫 no!!!
🚫 inefficient!!!

🐝 connected.
🐝 straight lines.

Shameless plug tootin' time!

I'm making an 80's style text-parser adventure game in my own engine. It can do stuff the Sierra AGI engine cannot, like parallax 3D rotation.

Questions, Follows and Boosts always welcome! 😄

*visibly drunk at a stranger's funeral* release billy hatcher 2 youf ucking cowardss

thinking of naming my tulpa "Assassin's Creed Origins" to get 10% off all ubisoft titles for life

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