Recovered data fragment from unknown civilization
(Galactic Date: P5024-k)


tyty. I draw these sprites with the binary pen tool in SAI, which draws hard-edged lines, shown here next to a line drawn with a regular pen tool.

after that, it's a matter of drawing the image at a resolution small enough that the individual pixels are visible to the eye, but large enough to show details. I found a good balance mostly by trial and error. I hope I was able to explain this well enough.

another scrapped vn character design. this was for a separate project, a more spacey sci-fi concept this time.

continuing to dump more old vn sprites. the shirt logo was a placeholder but i'm too lazy to change it.

female nudity/boobs
thank you, friend. that's very kind.

female nudity/boobs 

she only keeps that old shirt around because the store won't let her in to buy chips topless

i made an oc based off of ticks. shes small and hates everyone

thanks. i'm open for commissions. if you'd like something from me, DM me the details of your request and we can work out a price.

flagrant self-regard 

there are so many insanely good artists on here. i'm hopelessly outmatched.

thanks. this is tessa, a hopeless romantic who has never been in a serious relationship before. she's got a bit of a vintage aesthetic but her musical taste is mainstream. she's fairly impressionable.

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