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if one did not see this movie when it came out, is probably the time to watch it:

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some issues all should be aware of (watch all videos:)

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Dozens test positive for Covid after swingers convention in New Orleans

Forty one people test positive after ‘Naughty in N’awlins’ event which saw about 250 people congregate in mid-November

whoops ...


Millions of Americans Vulnerable to Eviction

is now clear why the gop chose to elect the virgin mary to the supreme court instead than a covid package relief

an excuse to claim emergency powers and keep the current administration against the will of the american people ?

a move deign of a hitler, a mussolini, a videla or a pinochet

the gop is "really" looking for another civil war, as an excuse for imposing their retrogrades bigots autocracy ?

re: uspol 

CNN: There Are “Legal & Constitutional” Ways For Trump to Stay in Office

Fareed Zakaria video causes consternation amongst Biden supporters.

Supreme Court Blocks Cuomo’s Limits On Synagogues, Churches in Thanksgiving Ruling

seems like an attempt to apply freedom of workship to freedom of jumping off a cliff, but as in the case of inside dining, probably may cause a further devide in the living style and distancing between the irresponsible ones and the reasonable ones (businesses and churches the same)

what about introducing a new flagging code to recognize among the wise, the non believers in reification ?

re: humour 

septic tanksgiving

“Christian mafia” rules America

dopo il golpe della mafia cristiana, e' altamente probabile che all' america non creda piu' nessuno

after the kkkristian mafia coup is going to be difficult to find somebody that may still believe amerikkka

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland laughs at the media for declaring that Joe Biden has won the election

the only explanation must be that they know they are making a coup

re: cv 19 / peak everything / climate anomaly 

The west is squandering the best opportunity for a paradigm change out of teleology inefficiency:

-tele-education, world-wide reaching
-logistic allotment, 90% reduction of fossil fuels burning
-tele-conferencing, virtual bars, churches and other petri dishes venues
-industrial line housing, nuclear
-virtual distributed industry

et cetera ...

nothing seems possible without removing the idiotic reification of the godly usury complex superstitions

Papa Francesco chiama Biden, il presidente eletto: 'Lavoreremo su poveri, clima e migranti'

Dal pontefice ha ricevuto la 'benedizione' e le 'congratulazioni'

pope calls, congratulates and benedicts joe biden, stating: "we will have to work on poverty, climate and immigration"

Watch: Ex-CIA Director Urges Palace Coup Against President Trump to Stop Declassifications

re: cv 19 / maga 

Qui fodit foveam, incidet in eam

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