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if one did not see this movie when it came out, is probably the time to watch it:

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some issues all should be aware of (watch all videos:)

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re: cv 19 / maga 

60646 cases today

great ..

Epstein Madam Maxwell Given Paper Clothing, Reportedly Placed on Suicide Watch Ahead of Trial

Epstein ... billionaire financier perished ... had also been on suicide watchand was awaiting a trial in which he was expected to “name names” of visitors to his estate in the US Virgin Islands who participated in the sexual abuse of underage girlshas led to numerous accusations that he was killed in order to be silenced.

The open letter against cancel culture was a ray of hope… until some signatories canceled themselves out of it

Suspected case of BUBONIC PLAGUE registered in China, days after Mongolian outbreak

re: maga 

Several experts interviewed for the report said poor planning and shoddy engineering have left the wall “in danger of falling into the Rio Grande.”

great, the lamborghini of the walls, 1.7m ...

re: maga 

Welcome To Waterbury: The City That Holds Secrets That Could Bring Down Trump

re: cv 19 / maga 

and today we beat another world record with 3,158,932 tested cases with 134,862 deaths in the us, AND 60,209 cases in 24 hours

5% of the population of the planet, and 25% of the deaths and the cases on the planet

great ...

Think you can't afford a fighter jet? This Russian official sold 4 MiG-31s at $2 each & avoided prison for years

Biased Cognitive Biases

How is it possible that a group of experts over 15 years can assemble a list of 195 cognitive biases and completely miss the most important one?

Judge Steenhuis refused to allow Russian military intelligence to reveal where the missile was located between 1987 and July 17, 2014, when the Dutch prosecution claims the missile was fired by a Russian military crew at MH17.

link broken ...

Instead of tearing her down, we should be rallying for Nicola Sturgeon to be the next UK prime minister

‘Wanted to cheer everyone up’: 3 Colorado cops sacked after selfie mocking black chokehold victim

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