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if one did not see this movie when it came out, is probably the time to watch it:

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some issues all should be aware of (watch all videos:)

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framing della finanza

(ndr, non sono stupito, la finanza e' un effetto dell' economia, che e' religione travestita da attivita' che appare legittima)

stromasys free alpha install of vms 8.3 on qemu amd64

re: humour / uspol 

marie antoinette ted cruz in cancun:

"let them eat icees"

Cassandra's blog is closed. It will remain on line, but it will not be updated anymore. Ugo Bardi has moved to a new site:

now at:

Mark Zuckerberg Reportedly Told Staff Facebook Needs to 'Inflict Pain' on Apple Over Privacy Dispute

Cook censured Facebook's potential role in the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot, blaming the social media company's algorithms for spreading conspiracy theories.

EU Urges China to Reverse BBC World News Ban, Reports Say

Beijing banned the broadcaster earlier this month after the UK revoked the China Global Television Network (CGTN)'s license.

How State Public School Science Standards Address Climate Change

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