Insurrectionist Anti-Vax Doctor Simone Gold Was Just Sentenced to 60 Days in Prison

@ in a country where stealing a bottle of beer gets one 6 months, looks like what it is ... wasp priviledge, above laws ... side effects of kkkristian amerikkka ... @


A little bit of justice rather than none at all...



yes, but im sure they found all the possible legal excuses they could find ...

but we should really question ourselves if we became a place where attempting a coup has as much of consequences as stealing a pack of m&ms ...

@dibi58 That is truly pathetic.

6 months would still have been pathetically minimal, but what's with the fine as well? Shouldn't a loudmouth head of crazytown be fined just a wee bit more than a speaking engagement?

That did not resemble throwing the book at someone.


no and thats worrisome, when stealing a bag of m&ms gets one the same 2 months than trying to make a coup ...

looks like a sollicitation for another coup tbh ...

@dibi58 I'm with you there. It's kind of not so bad to be a true traitor.
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