No one under the age of 25 will remember those old X10 Internet ads in the early 00's .

@Elizafox Noone under the age of 55 will remember the X10 window system. ;)

@vertigo @Elizafox
Oh look at you and your fancy X on DOS compatables.
W on V not good enough for you?

@irick @Elizafox DOS couldn't hope to run X10. Doing so meant porting Unix to run under DOS, at which point, you were basically running Minix at the very least.


@vertigo @Elizafox
This was a pretty well established use case in the mid 80s, X9-10 IIRC. You'd have your big mainframe running the X server and a PC implementation of the client providing remote access to the application. Provides a good list of commercial X servers, including the one I was thinking of: IBM part #5765-025.

@irick @Elizafox That is new to me. Thanks for that! I didn't know that X was compact enough to run on such systems.

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