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So a little introductary post here.

I am a trained graphic designer who is not currently working in the field and I am also transgender and bisexual.

Thought I would give Mastodon a go as it seems like a pretty cool idea and who knows, maybe migrate here fully from the Tweet box hellsite.

Interested in seeing how my graphic design skills can further the fight for transgender liberation.

I also have some coding skills too.

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This.Mouse.Rocks Server Moderation note 

We have silenced gab for obvious reasons. We will be upgrading the silence to a domain block in a month, so if you have friends there please do your best to get them off the platform.

We track with mainline release unfortunately ^^; not much I can do due to how I host the server! But we /can/ get a mascot. :P

@vertigo @Elizafox
This was a pretty well established use case in the mid 80s, X9-10 IIRC. You'd have your big mainframe running the X server and a PC implementation of the client providing remote access to the application.

ftp://ftp.ta3.sk/pub/DOS/X.PC/XServers-NonUNIX.txt Provides a good list of commercial X servers, including the one I was thinking of: IBM part #5765-025.

@vertigo @Elizafox
Oh look at you and your fancy X on DOS compatables.
W on V not good enough for you?

Well, welcome to the fediverse!
I hope you find a good community here to branch out to. :)

Server Announcement:
We're now on the yiff.social relay.
Thanks go out to @Sir_Boops for running such a useful service :)

Querent: "Where can I see your moderation philosophy?"
Me: "Here you are."
Q: "... this is the full text of Alfred North Whitehead's Process and Reality."
Me: "Correct."
Q: "How is this even-"
Me: "We must reject the metaphysical assumption of substances embodying essential natures if we are to redeem the legitimacy of our theory of action in the empirical project."
Q: "Is this even a joke?"
Me: "Your atomic gods are dead. This is the age of the superposition."

Server announcement:
You all rock.

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Gonna post the art I did of my DnD bird character because she’s great.

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You are loved, and you deserve to love yourself.

Care about yourself, care about others, spread love and kindness where you go.

The world is a beautiful place full of many wonders, be light and love to the world and its inhabitants.


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Hey there! I'm SpaceMouse! I'm an environmental scientist, artist, and programmer. You might know me from my MUGEN characters on SaltyBet / SpriteClub!

My webcomic (updates thursdays and sundays!): alastere.com/
My FA art page: furaffinity.net/user/spacemous
My MUGEN page: spacey.lv/mugen/

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