We track with mainline release unfortunately ^^; not much I can do due to how I host the server! But we /can/ get a mascot. :P

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This was a pretty well established use case in the mid 80s, X9-10 IIRC. You'd have your big mainframe running the X server and a PC implementation of the client providing remote access to the application.

ftp://ftp.ta3.sk/pub/DOS/X.PC/XServers-NonUNIX.txt Provides a good list of commercial X servers, including the one I was thinking of: IBM part #5765-025.

@vertigo @Elizafox
Oh look at you and your fancy X on DOS compatables.
W on V not good enough for you?

Well, welcome to the fediverse!
I hope you find a good community here to branch out to. :)

Server Announcement:
We're now on the yiff.social relay.
Thanks go out to @Sir_Boops for running such a useful service :)

Querent: "Where can I see your moderation philosophy?"
Me: "Here you are."
Q: "... this is the full text of Alfred North Whitehead's Process and Reality."
Me: "Correct."
Q: "How is this even-"
Me: "We must reject the metaphysical assumption of substances embodying essential natures if we are to redeem the legitimacy of our theory of action in the empirical project."
Q: "Is this even a joke?"
Me: "Your atomic gods are dead. This is the age of the superposition."

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Server announcement:
You all rock.

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Gonna post the art I did of my DnD bird character because she’s great.

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You are loved, and you deserve to love yourself.

Care about yourself, care about others, spread love and kindness where you go.

The world is a beautiful place full of many wonders, be light and love to the world and its inhabitants.


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Hey there! I'm SpaceMouse! I'm an environmental scientist, artist, and programmer. You might know me from my MUGEN characters on SaltyBet / SpriteClub!

My webcomic (updates thursdays and sundays!): alastere.com/
My FA art page: furaffinity.net/user/spacemous
My MUGEN page: spacey.lv/mugen/

*boops the TL snoot*
This is a test of the booped snoot toot broadcasting system.
It is only a test.

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I have been running this instance for 10 months.
Wow, time flies sometimes...

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Well... tags are for discoverability. At the very least I think it would make sense to show them for the followers and poster. I don't know though. I suppose it boils down to how we imagine people intend unlisted to function.
To me it's just to keep it out of casual engagement, and searches are not casual engagement IMO.
... I'd probably want hashtags to include unlisted toots.

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