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I have been running this instance for 10 months.
Wow, time flies sometimes...

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Well... tags are for discoverability. At the very least I think it would make sense to show them for the followers and poster. I don't know though. I suppose it boils down to how we imagine people intend unlisted to function.
To me it's just to keep it out of casual engagement, and searches are not casual engagement IMO.
... I'd probably want hashtags to include unlisted toots.

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The local timeline is someone other than me.
*feelings of pride*

That's fine! Some people do that. Some instances are really specialized, like (star trek rp) or (mostly discussion of the occult/spiritual) so people keep alt accounts there for when they are in the mood.

You are fine :)
Welcome to the fediverse! (That's what we call all the people you can find on mastodon)

An instance is one of the sites on mastodon. Our instance is is on Mastodon lets anyone run their own site and access the anyone else on any other Mastodon site.
If that is all sounding a bit too technical: Don't worry about it!
You only need to know your instance is

@Vika welcome to the fediverse :) Please make yourself at home! You may want to peruse the posts to find people and subjects that may interest you!

I'm mostly maintaining this instance to feel like I have a place actually to my own in the federation. Unless something big happens I don't think it will become my primary account. But I will try to keep it populated with neat things :)

It's very interesting to watch how the federated timeline builds out on this install. It's like a minimalistic version of the social web i've built on my main account. I'm curious to see how it develops out.

I'm thinking about opening this instance up to registration. Any mouse-folks or mouse-adjacent folks want an account?

A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas River drops in close to the hill-side bank and runs deep and green.
Hello World.


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