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me: check out this character I drew
friend: wow she's hot
me: it's a guy
me: my work here is done

child: i am a fountain of potential and joy. my mind is alive with imagination. i am ready to learn about the world and its wonders.

american public school system: here are 500 books about poor people eating dust. write an essay on each one or be branded an intellectual failure. this is what learning is.

child: i know this is wrong somehow but i lack the depth of experience to articulate why and any resistance to this system will only be met with punitive measures. guess i'll become depressed.

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by age 25 you should have at least 1 million neopoints. its just economics folks.

catching up on OK K.O. while waiting for the Steven Universe movie premiere. these two shows are so nice, and complement each other so well.

food, mh (-) 

Creating hitboxes. Each hitbox currently consists of an area, an angle, and a hitsound, as well as script variables like hitstun and hitlag. A single attack can have multiple hitboxes, each with their own properties.

i love to enjoy the robust features of free and open source software

the world needs a new Gnarls Barkley album right now

thoughts on art hosting, longer post 

Progress on an insectoid fighting game inspired by the Smash Bros. and Soul Calibur series. 3D model and animations successfully imported to Godot, next comes assigning hitboxes for each attack.

Trying to branch out in new directions, socially. This might be one of them?


A furry instance for all the mouse and mouse adjacent folks who rock.