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hello! we're a #queer #yiddish #anarchist pay-what-you-can down to £0 café in glasgow, scotland

the food, the music, and the language is multi-cultural: yiddish, scottish, & more

we run irl and livestreamed queer, jewish, yiddish, and anarchist events

we're an interfaith collective who are mostly queer, mostly trans, many jewish, many goyish, and all anarchists.

sometimes direct action is burning a polis car; sometimes it's feeding people 🍇

אַ מאָל „טאָאָטן“ מיר אויף יִדיש אויך!


absolutely batshit insane that the states are moving to abolish abortion rights. their reasoning in the draft is inane at best

i hate the republicans so much and i hate the DNC for allowing this shit to happen and i hate the entire us power structure

I love and care about you all, regardless of how you choose to identify yourselves.

This is just a bad storm, we will weather it together and all emerge on the other side stronger for it.

You are not alone. Rely on others when you need. Be there for others when you can.

Love conquers all.

Love yourselves and others in turn.

tostitos “hint of lime” flavored chips are dangerous bc no matter how many hints I consume I never get any closer to ascertaining the flavor of an entire lime

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